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Celsius & Co, Kirribilli

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

Saturday breakfast at Celsius & Co. Let’s go!

1. How Celsius & co looks at from outside?

2. Celsius & co Menu

3. What I ordered?

4. Rating & reasons

5. Would I come back?

1. How Celsius & co looks at from outside?

Yeah. Just a pretty little & old green house. But it did not stop people from waiting for more than 30 mins! Pretty crazy isn’t it! lol Let’s hope the food worths the wait.

2. Celsius & co Menu

3. What I ordered?

I ordered

-Celsius cold brew coffee and

-Celsius Waffle with berries, maple syrup, toasted nuts and peanut butter cream (v)

Their cold brew coffee really got me! It is low in caffeine, therefore it takes light! It’s the best kinda coffee on weekends for people like me who relies heavily on caffeine on weekdays and needs a bit of change on off days. lol

PERFECT amount of caffeine & light taste! Just the way I want it!

Food presentation is pretty impressive, as they use different flowers & colors to decorate the dish. I appreciate their effort!

As for taste, well, the uniqueness of this waffle is the peanut butter sauce. Its has this cream texture, which can help raise your appetite. However, unfortunately, I was not a big fun of this peanut butter cream at my first bite. But after several bites down, I am starting to liking it!

On top it that, the ingredients that they use are absolutely fresh! Waffle tastes sweet and a little bit crispy.

As you can see that I ordered extra syrup and it costs $1 extra. There was enough syrup for sure, I just needed an extra boost, I guess. lol

4. Rating & reasons

I give 4/5. Reasons:

-pricing is good.

-nice location & view, although I did not get a really nice spot this time ( I came alone)

-Excellent customer service! They are keen for feedback as well!

-Authentic House made coffee! Absolutely love it!

Well, I think they are doing a pretty good job! The only thing that I think they can keep improving on it’s the taste, combing authenticity & origins with good presentation.

5. Would I come back?

Yeah! I will come back for sure. But I am bringing friends next time! Coffee on me! :)

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