• Renee Li

Tomorrow is WBFF Show

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

I am so excited for tomorrow’s WBFF show!

WBFF fitness/bikini/physique competition is at tomorrow! I just received the itinerary in the WBFF official email.

Both my personal trainer and myself are so excited for tomorrow’s show! Me and my trainer will observe and learn from the competitors as much as possible in the show tomorrow. Because we believe that it would help prepare myself in the 2020 WBFF competition. Yes! I am thinking of competing next year!

Don’t worry as I won’t forget to take photos and share with your guys later! The more photos the better! I will write a follow-up blog to share the highlights of tomorrow’s WBFF show. So sit back & relax, just wait for me to update my blog!

See you all soon!

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