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What do you eat matters.

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

Imagining yourself having a breakfast that makes up 46% of your daily recommended intake, you might never drop the weight even followed by a hard workout session. We don’t want that right? Check out why this happens.

Before I explain the reason, please see below for a yummy almond butter brand that I discovered on Friday night. But I give up on it already.

Almond butter is my old time favorite. What else do you want when a slice of almond butter toast is in front of you. I know right!

But almond butter spread is indeed one of the most calorie-dense foods. Sad, I know.

You might want to say, who cares it is high-calorie if I am hooked with the taste. Almond butter is almond butter, after all. You are not wrong. But before you make your decision, let’s review the nutrition facts of Bega Almond Butter.

According to nutrition facts on its label, per 100 g equals to 2420 KJ, which equals to 578 kilocalories.

Recommended daily intake for female adults is 1200 kilocalories -1600 kilocalories ( number might vary depending on multiple factors). However, one full spoon of Bega Almond Butter equals to roughly 50g, which needs 289 kilocalories burnt to balance out.

What’s worst, many of us maintain a habit of having almond butter spreads with breads. It means that one slice of bread with almond butter spread on it equals to approximately 339 kilocalories. For a female who has a 1500 kilocalorie daily basal metabolic rate, two slices of almond butter toast will constitute approximately 46% of her recommended daily calorie intake. How scary is that!

That’s why I gave up on it even though it tastes so good. And what we eat does matter!

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